Animal Health, Breeding and Zootechnic Production

The aim of the course is to produce specialists in animal health, breeding and zootechnic production. Subjects focus on areas such as animal nutrition, reproduction, welfare, shelter structures and the ethology of domestic animals starting from management, breeding and informatic rudiments. Students also learn about the economic and legal aspects of the subject area.

Graduates will receive a Certificate of Specialisation in Animal health, Breeding and Zootechnic Production.

Course Director
Prof. Michele Drigo 

Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health
Viale dell'Università, 16 - Legnaro (PD)
Tel. +39 049 8272607

3 years

Limited to 40, by statute

Admission requirements
Admission is limited to Veterinary Medicine graduates (ante D.M. 509/1999, ex D.M. 509/1999) with a degree class of 47/S or LM-42 (ed D.M 270/04)

To find out more about the course, enrolment, admissions, rules and regulations, please visit the course page.