B-learning Uzbekistan Veterinary Network (BUzNet)

The main objective of BUzNet is the Creation of B-learning for veterinarians in Uzbekistan.

The project

BUzNet is a project co-financed by European Union’s Erasmus+ capacity-building programme. Its purpose is to improve the quality of teaching in veterinary medicine and animal production degree courses by giving them a backgrounded and practical approach in both teaching, classical lecture and innovative, using blended learning too or other online tools. This approach will be executed through the creation of an information exchange network between the leader, Porto University, and other collaborators, including Padua University, Pisa University and Eesti Maaulikool in Europe, and four Uzbek institutions (Samarkand Agricultural Institute, Tashkent State Agrarian University, Nukus Branch Tashkent State Agrarian University, Andijan Agricultural Institute).