PRIN 2017

PRIN 2017 MONTI - Agronomic and genetic improvement of camelina as a sustainable feed for poultry and healthy food products (ARGENTO) is a collaboration between different partners, including the MAPS department. PRIN 2017 evaluates the effects of agronomic management and the quality of camelina obtained across different environmental conditions. The multidisciplinary approach focuses on camelina cultivation and its use as feed in avian breeding farms, and quail farms in particular.

The project

As there are limited vegetal raw materials for animal nutrition and few alternatives for farmers, the PRIN project has as one main aim: to bring advantages to all the actors involved. Camelina and its seeds represent the tool used to conduct and continue the project because it cultivation has a low environmental impact and it is good for poultry, producing high-quality eggs and meat.

It was decided that quail would be the ideal animal for this project because:

  • It grows quickly
  • It has a short production chain
  • It matures early

Moreover, quail enabled brief experiments to be conducted and provided trustworthy results throughout the project. The final aim of the project was to evaluate a multidisciplinary integrated approach obtained with the agronomic management and the final quality of seed and the camelina lines. Its effect on quail nutrition will also be evaluated, and the results of this could be extended to chickens, which have a similar digestive process. What they want to reach is the achievement of the feasibility and the ability to reply of Argento system. Near to this the group will conduct a study on GLS biosynthesis.