GenTORE genomic management tools to optimise resilience and efficiency in the bovine sector

GenTORE is a forward-looking European project for the development of innovative tools dedicated to the selection and management of dairy herds and beef cattle. The aim is to find new ways to improve resilience and efficiency in breeding farms. Factors such as climate change and new breeding techniques in Europe are the starting points of this project.

The project

GenTORE comprises 21 different European entities, including public and private universities, that will give new perspectives and transformations to traditional breeding styles.

Dairy and beef breeding cattle involved in the project will provide the fundamentals for the identification of phenotype indicators of resilience and efficiency. This will be useful for:

  • Setting up management and population programmes for genetic selection
  • Improving cattle’s response to issues of climate change, such as thermal stress
  • Developing a management index that permits monitoring and improvement of resilience and efficiency of cattle in breeding, with the system too.

In addition to the research institutions, the project’s operating partners include farmer’s associations, veterinary management consultants, breeding technology companies and milk and meat suppliers. The partners will have a long-term outlook on the project and provide information that could be relevant for the development of the project itself to promote real sustainability in an economic way, social and environmental resilience and efficiency for breeding animals. What is going back to the project team and the different stakeholders? Algorithms, software, operating tools, which allow farmers to deal with different views of the obstacles that are evident during the time, as environmental change.