Lisato project

In 2020, MAPS agreed to a research collaboration with IZSVe. The Lisato project involves feasibility research into the use of platelet lysate as a tool for the reduction of antibiotic use in mastitis prevention and treatment in dairy farms in Veneto. The main aim is to use platelet lysate as an alternative to the usual therapies.

The project

Platelet lysate is obtained from blood through the lysis process. Following a number of studies, this tool is of great interest, also for the promotion of zootechnics, which is always much more renewed. The main goal is the reduction of antibiotics use in dairy farms in Veneto region and their substitution with platelet lysate. Another important goal is to outline an alternative treatment of mastitis using the Lisato methodology that promotes the regenerative properties recognised in platelet lysate to be used in other branches of veterinary and human medicine. The approach will confirm the value and the efficacy of platelet lysate in the drying period and in mastitis treatment; also it would give back a method of work. The project is divided into 15 work packages and will take place across 15 farms in the region.